About Silver Kite

Best-in-Class Communication Solutions, from Trusted Industry Leaders

Welcome to Silver Kite, a resource from Saltillo and PRC that is dedicated to providing helpful solutions for people with adaptive living needs.

Our mission is simple: Allow people with disabilities to participate in - and enjoy - life to the fullest.

We're committed to enabling everyone with differing abilities to soar independently - like a kite in the air - by providing the latest and most effective assistive products and comprehensive support.

In our catalog and on our website you'll find details on communication devices and other products and accessories that are enabling adults and children around the world to express themselves and lead fuller lives.

The Industry Leaders Behind Silver Kite

  • Saltillo Corporation: Empowering Through Communication

    Saltillo Corporation is dedicated to making personal communication possible for individuals who are unable to use their natural voice. Saltillo develops, manufactures, and distributes assistive technology including voice output communication devices, voice amplification, and memory assistance products.

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  • PRC: Because Communication is the Essence of Life

    PRC is a global leader in the development and manufacture of augmentative communication devices, computer access products, and other assistive technology for people with severe disabilities. PRC products have enabled thousands of children and adults worldwide with severe speech disorders to achieve spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication.

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