TouchChat Suite for iPodŽ / iPhoneŽ / iPadŽ

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Silver Kite introduces a suite of products that enable Apple® iPod Touch®, iPhone® and iPad® devices to play an important role in providing an alternative voice for individuals who cannot use their natural speech. For some, the Silver Kite products will serve as a beginning point while a more permanent solution is determined. Others will use the Silver Kite 'i-solutions' as a backup to a larger, more expensive device. There will also be those who find that these products provide their long-term communication needs. Because of these varied needs Silver Kite has recognized the need for an integrated system of communication software that allows users to choose and move freely between dedicated and more open communication solutions. In all cases, Silver Kite offers an array of products and solutions that meet the needs of individuals with a wide variety of communication needs.

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Learn more about TouchChat Expressa new communication device that combines the popular TouchChat app with the iPad and the ChatWrap case.